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About Me

I've studied & practiced accounting, computer science, & graphic design for over 20 years. My dedication to the mastery of these fields has positioned me to offer a unique and valuable ability to view all aspects of software development & design through the lens of a business minded professional.

When contacted about working on a project, I strive to make the experience as pleasant as possible fore all involved.

The process generally progresses as outlined below:

  • You will contact me about a project you might like for me to do for you
  • I will grasp your vision & communicate it back with any additional insight I might have to ensure that we are on the same page
  • I will tell you if I can execute the project effectively, how I will do it, how long I think it will take & an estimate of how much it will cost
  • You will hire me
  • I will complete the project in a timely manner & submit for review
  • You will approve the project or request changes
  • If changes are requested, I will make changes & resubmit for review
  • We'll loop through the prior two processes until you are 100% satisfied
  • You will pay me & I will be available to provide after sales service at any time

Formal Education:

I have a bachelor's degree in Finance from Eastern Illinois University & a postgraduate Accounting certificate from LSU.

Work History,, business owner, freelance programmer & web developer

Services I Offer:

I offer a wide range of services in the fields of programming & graphic design.

Full Stack Web Development

I work on web development project of all sizes & complexity. I do front end user experience work as well as back end database & algorithm design & development. I've worked years doing these things & I keep up on the most advanced technologies to do great work at all levels.

Graphic Design

I believe that high level developers should be proficient in graphic design. I have been sharpening my skills in this area for years by working with Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, After Effects & other related software as both a hobby & for pay.

Technologies I Use

I don't rely on any single programming language or technology. I believe that every project is different & the technologies used should be selected in a manner that best fits the end goal.

Programming Languages

I started my development career, like many others, using html, css javascript, php, & MySQL. Now I often utilize other tools such as Python, NodeJS, React, Laravel & many others.

I'm confident that the best developers understand theories of computer science in such a way that new languages require a very shallow learning curve. I live by this philosophy & I am proficient in many languages & frameworks because of it.

Graphic Design Software

Almost all of the graphic design work I do is with Adobe products, though I have on occasion used CorelDraw & Gimp.